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Applicable Costs and Regulations

 Age Restriction

New up to 4 years old
Car, Bus, Van, Truck and Pickup and 4x4 vehicles

 Maritime Ports of Pakistan

Karachi is the main port which deals in the import of cars.

 Pre-shipment Inspection of the Vehicle

Pre- Shipment inspection is not required to import car to Pakistan.


There is one port of entry for imported vehicles from Japan, Singapore, Dubai and elsewhere, the Port of Karachi. This is where ships offload their cargo.Accredited agents do the clearance. The agent will check through the documentation of the vehicle, electronically, of course on behalf of the importer.

 Other duty payments for importing a car in Pakistan

.            The rulesand regulations governing import of vehicles have been amended as follows :

 Under the gift and personal baggage schemes, vehicles up to three years old will now be importable.

 Under the gift scheme brothers and sisters will also be eligible, besides the parents, husband, wife and children.

 It will no longer be required that the vehicle be registered in the name of the Pakistani national prior to its import under the personal baggage or transfer of residence scheme.

 Overseas Pakistanis holding Pakistan origin card will also be eligible to import vehicles under the gift, personal baggage and transfer of residence scheme. These cards are issued to Pakistanis opting for citizenship of another country or those carrying green cards like in the United States.

 Import of cars is allowed in four categories. All Pakistanis can import new cars while only overseas Pakistanis can import used cars.

 Under baggage rules for overseas Pakistanis, imports of used and new cars are permitted on transfer of residence, gift to immediate relatives and for stay abroad extending beyond six months. New rules simplify procedures for these categories and remove impediments, which had resulted in many malpractices, Hamayun said. The restriction of ownership of a used car has been done away with and the overseas Pakistanis can buy a used car from the market, which is less than three years old.

 Under gift scheme an expatriate would now be able to send the gift to brothers and sisters as well besides parents, wife and children.

 Since left-hand drive system is in vogue in most parts of the world as against right hand in Pakistan, the ownership restriction has been dropped to facilitate import of right hand drive cars from whatever sources these are available.

 The government, prior to the new measures taken in the Trade Policy 2005-06, increased the depreciation allowance on used car imports to two from one per cent in the budget 2005-06. This was designed to bridge the demand and supply gap of about 40,000 cars, which the local industry has failed to meet despite doubling production capacities.

Type Size Customs Duty VAT Tax
  Passenger Cars   Up to 1000cc 75% 15% 6.25%
  1,001-1,500cc 100% 15% 6.25%
  1,501-1,800cc 125% 15% 6.25%
  Others 200% 15% 6.25%
  Commercial Vehicles   Buses, vans and
  Coaches Transporting 10
  or more passengers
20% 15% 6.25%
  Completely Knocked
  All 35% Kits(CKDs) 15% 6.25%
  Completely Built Units  All 200% 15% 6.25%

 Clearing agent information

Samar Co Ltd
Minato Ku Azabu Jyuban 2-14-2 Tokyo Japan
Tel : +813 6435 2866
Fex : +813 6800 3231
Mobile : +8180 4199 1786 (whattsapp)
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Company Regsitration No: 0 3 0 0 - 0 1 - 0 9 6 5 3 9