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Applicable Costs and Regulations


 Age Restriction

No age restrictions are implimented. The car must be right hand drive(RHD).

 Maritime Ports of Mozambique

Maputo, Bhera and Nikala are the major ports of Mozambique.

 Pre-shipment Inspection of the Vehicle

As per the regulations  certificate of inspection from INERTEK is required before the shipment of the vehicle.

The customer will need to apply for their vehicles MOZ number at their local INTERTEK office.


There is one port of entry for imported vehicles from Japan, Singapore, Dubai and elsewhere, the Port of Mombasa. This is where ships offload their cargo. Accredited agents do the clearance.

 Other duty payments for importing a car in Mozambique

Taxes and clearance charges will be applied by the Mozambique government. The duties are determined by the custom officers on the base of the report of the INTERTEK.

 Clearing agent information


Samar Co Ltd
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